Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 16th 2013

Y'all are amazing. Also, thank you for everything you said to build me. I am staying in pretty good shape, at least enough that I love to bike, and can run an 8 minute mile consistently. :) I don't always recognize the way my talents can be used in the mission, at least not as easily as I recognize how other missionaries are meant to be here for certain people . Not that I am comparing, but I don't feel yet like I am THE missionary for anyone here that is going to make THE difference and guide them to change. I do feel like I am part of an amazing team and pulling my weight to touch lives and invite others to come unto Christ.
I'm glad I have a companion from Mesa too. She actually grew up in the military and was born in Germany (doesn't speak German), she's been all over, but went to high school in Sierra Vista and all her family is there and in Mesa where she lived for several years before coming out and where she is returning. We'll definitely stay in close contact because she is the BEST COMPANION EVER. I love working with Sister Ray, we make a great team and are having a blast.
I think Montgomery is pretty cool, especially since my less active friend showed us some of the historical sites like where MLK gave his speeches and some of the famous churches on our way to a Relief Society activity. That was really cool and very eye opening. It worked out well that I was studying 2nd Nephi 1 this week with 9/11 and all. Many of the messages we shared this week centered around ideas from that chapter concerning the promised land, we also shared about Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty and connected it with the Armor of God. God has promised that this land will always be a blessing to those who are righteous, despite the turmoil that comes from those working iniquity. Of course the most important battle we fight is against Satan, and I love the protection that comes from exercising faith and holding fast to the word of God. I love that the scriptures are represented by both the iron rod to cling to, and the sword as our offense.
I don't know what is in the air, but all of our investigators are sick. Audrey is so sick that we feel that we can't teach lessons because she isn't mentally sound enough, she still isn't sure what's wrong since teh colonoscopy. Poor thing. Other investigators also are fighting more minor illnesses. Our investigator who wants to be baptized and dropped contact with us we finally found again. She had been through a lot before with incarcerated children, bursting her ear drum, and all other calamities. I wondered how much more the Lord would let her go through. When we finally got in contact with her again, we learned that her 22 year old daughter who had been living with her had taken her car and gone missing. It's been almost a week and she still doesn't know where her daughter or her car are. I feel overhwlemed trying to minister to her when she is dealing with so much. We cried with her as she whispered through misty eyes to us that Satan was dragging her through hell. I'm so thankful for the promises that we have through making covenants with God. Throughout the Book of Mormon, every prophet pleads with their people and their children to accept the atonement, repent, and come closer to Christ. Some listen to their words and others don't, but every time they are about to die, they always express their gratitude to the Lord and their peace that they will enter into His rest. While we want to save our families, and loved ones, in the end, the only salvation we can acquire is our own.
We got to go through the Birmingham Temple on Friday. That was truly remarkable. I love the new video, and just the peace, it has still carried through, and it was such a difference I felt before and after the session. Covenants are such blessings. That peace carried us through Saturday. Saturdays can be a little difficult because everyone is paying their devotions to the number one religion here: football. Everyone was happy this weekend, so visiting people after the games was good, and we got some gooooood food out of it, but during the game is hard. I have to admit it is entertaining to watch the people who are kind enough to open their door, in their Alabama or Auburn shirts and hats with barbecue sauce on the corners of their mouth, speaking super quickly to take care of whatever we need in a couple seconds and run back to the TV. These people are great. Lol.
I'm looking foward to what is in store for the rest of this transfer. It is great to get to know the ward better and continue finding people to share with.
Love y'all,
Sister Liz Sheffer

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