Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11th 2014

Last Monday it was way cool to be with missionaries near Montgomery, they live close enough they can get together every week for sports at the church. They're a tight-knit unit, one of them was my roommate in the MTC, so it's always good to see how much my MTC district has grown. awesome missionaries. Sister Edwards and I taught a lesson with the ZLs, which felt almost like a panel discussion, it was interesting, but pretty neat. It's good to see how others teach. We have awesome teachers in this mission.

I got to attend my first MLC--Mission LEadership Council, which was so neat, it lasts all day, and then we get together with our zone leaders and condense the information to a couple hours for zone training. Zone training was way fun. We kept a pretty good balance of having fun with the missionaries, while having a powerful spiritual experience in the training. ONe of my favorite moments was probably when we trained on companionship unity. We roleplayed companionship inventories--a weekly activity we're supposed to do to discuss the strength of your companionship, share goals, and also get out any bones to pick with your companion. We staged it with the zone leaders where Sister Dodini and I would start (as a sister would say it), and then pause in our role play and pan over to the zone leaders (as an elder would say it). It was pretty hilarious, but also effective since most of us are scared of comp inventories. We have gotten to be part of a Summer Camp. We volunteered to teach bible study and get to do that weekly. The age group is 13-15, so it's almost like teaching Freshmen again! Of course, they're a crazy bunch, but they all love God, so it's neat to teach a class that we can start and end in prayer to these teens.

Pray for Samantha, she has been reading the Book of Mormon, and came to church yesterday and enjoyed it--but she seems to be forgetting the powerful confirmations she has had that it is true, and just refers to things as 'interesting' and 'enjoying observing' in church. We don't feel the spirit as strongly in the lessons with her recently, but we are trying to bring back the feeling that was there the first night we taught her when she felt the spirit so strong and knew it was true.

We did two exchanges this week and at the end of our last one, helped our sisters in Gadsden with their investigator's wedding. It was pretty awesome. It was held in someone's yard--they have a lot of land and a creek runs behind their house, so it was pretty even though it was hot and humid and muggy. Right before Ethel was about to walk down the 'aisle,' there was a mad scramble to get music for her to walk to. One sister suggested we sing, and an elder threw out that he could play the piano. Someone ran out of the house with a keyboard, and they found the Bridal march programmed in. An elder just held the keyboard with speakers toward the 'aisle' as she walked down. It was awesome. The bride's brothers walked her down clad in their Crimson tide polos and khaki shorts--so awesome! I can't even describe my great love for the South. It was fitting for Ethel--who is getting baptized on Saturday.

Possibly my favorite part of the week...Our newest, most promising investigator is named Merry Ann. She was a friend of a sister in the ward, who had extended invitations to learn about the church when they were teenagers. Now she is divorced with a 22 year old daughter and a 2 month old grandson, and was feeling the need for more direction in her life. She remembered her mormon friend from years ago, and called her, asking if she could come to church. She came last week, and we met her, and arranged to teach her the discussions. Lessons with her are awesome. She asks great questions, which are exactly what we are about to teach just minutes later. She is reading the Book of Mormon and already progressing so greatly. She came to church yesterday, and as we were sitting down for Gospel Principles, the Sunday School president comes up to us and asks if we have read through the lesson. We hadn't--it was a mad enough scramble for me to get my sacrament meeting talk together as well as singing time for primary and reports Bishop and Relief Society President asked for such little time since our schedules are crazy. We admitted we hadn't, and he asked if we and the elders would use the spirit and teach the class--we would have been happy to, but Merry Ann, volunteers, "I read the lesson, I can teach, I have notes!" She got up and TAUGHT SUNDAY SCHOOL! She was the most prepared of anyone there, and did a great job. I love this woman, she is so cute. The last lesson we taught, we invited her to be baptized (we didn't give her a specific date) and she said, "My answer is yes, but I don't feel ready to do it this Sunday. She is phenomenal.

Well, this is absolute madness, the crazy schedule with exchanges and trainings has caught up with me. Sister Dodini and I are super tired, but super happy and grateful for a preparation day.

The gospel is so true! People are amazing and changed to be even moreso through the gospel.


Sister Sheffer

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