Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 27th 2014

It's been a pretty awesome week. Sister Dodini and I met with the Relief Society President to discuss how we can help on a stake level and we were able to discuss neat ideas about how the missionaries and relief society sisters in the ward can work better. I love how closely we can work and it becomes so much more effective. We made great contacts at the civic center we do service at, and are getting involved in a youth summer camp to help teach a bible study class. It'll be really cool. Service goes  a long way in gaining people's trust.

We had our zone conference and it was phenomenal! We have such a great mission president and such great missionaries. They are all super inspiring. I love that President Hanks went through the Plan of Slavation from a parent's perspective and made it make more sense. Sister Dodini and I got to do a training on being an example of the believers through the doctrine of Christ.

WE exchanged afterward, and I can't believe how much work can be crunched into a small amount of time in our area. Kevin was right when he said that even though we don't get to spend as much time in our area, the time is magnified. The work of God is going strong! Immediately after the exchange we did another exchange in Anniston. I got to be comps with Sister Houston--sooooo awesome. She is my grandma, she trained Sister Wright and we served in the same ward in MOntgomery, so I was ecstatic to spend some time with her. She is a jedi of a missionary and I learned a lot from her. It was also a great biking area and I love that since Sister Dodini's bike is not usable, we just walk when we can't drive. I love to bike! Anniston has some fun characters, they have some awesome investigators preparing to be baptized, and it was awesome to talk with them.

We got to teach a family Sister Dodini found in our area on exchanges, so it was nice to be able to teach them together. The teenage daughter WEndy, is particulalry receptive, we know she's the reason we're there. So neat. sister Dodini has a great sense of purpose and recognizing the prepared. Saturday was full of parties that we got to attend for kids in the ward and meet lots of people and make lots of contacts. Those are the greatest! We found some great new investigators.

Sunday Selena was baptized. It was great to part of it. Southerners love to talk, and a few missionaries got permission to come and were busy talking to other members and missionaries, when I saw Selena looked a little nervous. When I approached her she said, "Sister, I don't know what I'm supposed to do." I encouraged her to get changed and we would go outside for pictures. It was great to feel of her spirit and to feel of the difference after she received the Holy Ghost. Her son got to baptize her, and they are just the neatest people. She is moving to a branch near Greenville in a few weeks, but I know she feels supported.

More baptisms to come this week! And still prepraing more. Mark, I think is close. Interesting as he's the first one I've met who distrusts the bible and believes in God, but we just discovered doesn't have a solid belief in Jesus Christ. He has come to church the last two weeks, attended the baptism, and has been reading from the Book of Mormon. Excited to teach him today on exchanges! More people to talk about, but not time.

Love y'all! I love this gospel so much!

Steadfast in Christ,

Sister Sheffer

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