Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 25th 2014

Sister Madsen is a boss and made homemade hummus this week. Gluten
free and such. Too cool.

I LOVE missionaries! I'm developing more and more love for them. These
kids are awesome. I can't believe how much they all sacrifice. Getting
to know them all personally I am in awe. Some of them have no support
from home, and they just keep a great attitude and serve with all
their hearts anyway.
We had a zone activity today which is the reason there's no time to
write much. We played capture the flag with nylons filled with flour.
It was great fun. I took one to the face from my former district
leader and had some nice flour-filled eyes. At least you know they
weren't taking it easy on the sisters. Afterward we hiked down to
Noccalula falls. It was interesting. There was a pretty steep way down
some were advocating for, and a further, safer way. I'm normally
totally down for a good mountain climb-deal type thing, that would be
my kind of adventure, but now, as a missionary leader, the spirit
wouldn't even let me get close to the edge to scope it out. I'm not
messing with any of these missionaries' safety. We can go crazy when
we get home, but not now. It was interesting, I hadn't experienced
that kind of feeling before (kinda party-pooper, but for a good

I LOVE these sweet, Southern people. It's crazy. I can't write about
it too much, because it gets me all teary-eyed and that's

The gospel is just so true, and I love my mission, my mission
president, my companion, my zone, my district, my sisters, my
investigators, the new ones we found to teach this week, I just love
where I am at, and what I'm doing.

Love y'all!


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