Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1st 2014

It's been an awesome week! I love the work.
The Nicolas are doing great. Loretta is still excited about her baptism and doing her additional study faithfully from the pamphlets. She is such a sweetheart. They went shopping and she got herself four church-appropriate outfits, and James bought two suits. They are so excited. They made it to church and got to hear Sister Madsen speak. President and Sister Hanks showed up to our ward which was a pleasant surprise. The Gospel principles teacher did NOT show up, so the Sunday School president asked all 5 of the missionaries to teach. (We have a trio of elders). It actually went really well. WE were surprisingly able to teach in great unity. Though Sister Hanks whispered to me (you two smoked the elders, you and Sister Madsen are such a strong team). There is no competition, but it made me laugh a little.

I conducted an exchange with a former, difficult companion. I'll admit to being a little nervous for it, but we actually had a lot of fun together. I am amazed at how humbly she acknowledged things she wanted to change. She taught with the spirit and contacted with love. IT was an awesome experience.

Jin made it to church with his dad for a little bit. We had a good talk with Dad, and he agreed to do the lessons with Jin twice a week! Yay!

WE had zone conference and that was awesome. Right after, I did an exchange with a sister getting ready to go home. I have heard great things about her my whole mission, but never had a chance to work with her. She is stellar. When she heard I speak some Spanish, she excitedly shifted plans to follow up with Spanish-speakers they met. We ended up running into a less active member from Honduras whose records weren't transferred in. God is so good.

God has definitely been guiding us in our finding. We have been able to find such neat, humble, prepared people. I love it. Some I  have been teaching in Spanish. I wish I had time to study Spanish, but the words and phrases do come, and I have been able to understand well. I know it's because Sister Madsen prays for me while I teach. She is full of faith and makes good things happen.

WE have had many up-in-your-face anti people we have run into in the past week. It's amazing that while people are yelling to us that we are deceived and trying to brainwash people, going to hell....whatever else, that I can actually feel the spirit strengthening my testimony, and I just feel an increase of love for these people. God is amazing. When we are loyal to Christ, we start to feel as He feels. "Fear not, though the enemy deride. Courage, for the Lord is on our side." Music strengthens my testimony so much! I really want to be a part of good music for the rest of my life. It makes the truth real to me. I'm excited to have the opportunity to practice as Sister Hanks has asked me to provide the musical number for when Elder Zwick visits our mission for four days next week. I am SO excited for his coming. It is going to be a wonderful thing for our mission and the members here.

This work is real. The Book of Mormon is so true. People are of infinite worth.


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