Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 10th 2014

God loves us all SO MUCH. Crazy, irregular week. We got to go out with the Relief Society President to visit some less active members, always good.
We went out to find some lost sheep from the ward, and met very few of them, but tracted/street contacted and did meet some cool people. I saw this awesome, old corvette in someone's front yard and told Sister Wells I HAD to knock that house and talk to the owner. He was pretty cool, then we got to meet his adorable wife from Samoa and their darling little 18 month old boy. He said he wanted to raise his kid in church, but didn't want to raise him in the churches he grew up in where a preacher will yell and preach against other people and denominations. We introduced them to the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. They said they would read and come to church. This family is awesome, I'm excited to work with them more.

Thursday was the training from Brother Donaldson and Brother Littlefield. It was AMAZING. Such a tender mercy that I was selected to attend, and moreso than that, that I got to drive up and back with SISTER MILLARD (my MTC companion, LOVE HER!) It was great to spend time with her and to have a few hours to discuss the mission and all the lessons we've learned since the MTC. It was a sweet experience. I know God is looking out for me. I returned to a crippled companion! Sister Wells sprained her ankle walking down some stairs when she was working in Guntersville with Sister Millard's companion. She had to keep her foot elevated and iced for a bit, during that time, I completed our map of the area with all the members who we are allowed to contact. It helps tremendously to get a better idea of what is in our area, and realize the things we can do and who we can work with. We're still trying to figure things out. That afternoon we had exchanges and I got to work with a sister training leader in MADISON 2ND WARD!!!! TENDER MERCY!!!! I also didn't realize how much the STL and I had in common. We got to discuss challenges and how to work through them given our particular personality traits. It was amazing to be back in my old area and get to help since the sisters there are still fairly new to the ward. Walking between appointments, we started talking to a lady watching her daughter play with the neighbors. She was very nice, we asked if we could teach the Restoration, and she readily agreed. We taught using the techniques from the training we had just learned. She just kept saying "WOW," (it is an incredible message). By the end we asked if she would talk to her Heavenly Father and ask if the message we shared was true. She said she didn't need to--she already knew that it was true, and just thanked Him. She committed to be baptized at the end of the month. Miracles!!! Some people are SO prepared and ready for this gospel. They're just waiting for it. Brother Littlefield said that any given mission area (ward area) in the United States has around 17,000 people who will listen to missionaries, around 1,700 which would be baptized if they were found and taught. I know that's true. God said that MANY among all denominations, sects, parties, etc are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.
Such a tender mercy to get to see Mally! I just love that woman. The next morning, we swapped exercise routine ideas and I'm excited for the stuff she taught me--she is big into pilates. It was way nice to have a workout buddy. We did service that morning for some members, part of which included washing this thing that almost looks like a 4-wheeler, but it's amphibious and used by the rescue squad to get people out of water. So cool. Sister Kudlacek gave me a few minutes to cry in the car by the end of the exchange because I didn't want to switch back . I wanted to stay in my beloved Madison 2 area forever! Alas, God has called me to serve in Monte Sano. Bloom where you're planted.

When we switched back I was informed of an appointment we had with someone the other STL called from an old sheet of potential investigators from previous missionaries. That was an interesting appointment. She played ignorant and interested, then challenged us on where some thigns came from scripturally. They were easy to answer, but she said we couldn't take things out of context and asked if we could read the whole chapters there. We did and to me they were further strengthening the validity. She launched off on some interesting perspective, and then pulled out a triple, and numerous church manuals she has studied and said we were inconsistent with the Bible. Funny that every argument she used was further evidence to me that have a complete gospel. She did admit to being very impressed that we were gracious and listened to her and shared without getting contentious. So interesting that she will read so much church literature when she's so convinced it's not true...:) We're so blessed. We taught some other people we found to and from her appointment and those lessons went much better.

I met another one of our investigators, Brent. He's been through some hard things that have numbed him. We got him into the Book of Mormon. So cool that it answers every single concern any person could ever have. So cool!
W're also been able to strengthen some of the recent converts. Joining the church can be a rough transition, but they have so much to offer!

Sorry y'all. Time is being cut short by my companion. I'll keep y'all in my prayers, ask for prayers from y'all too. I need them.

Love y'all!!!

Steadfast in CHRIST,

Sister Sheffer

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