Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 3rd 2014

In Ether 3, the Brother of Jared expresses in prayer his knowledge that the Lord is able to do mighty works which appear small to the understanding of men. A few little miracles this week:

Sister Wells was leaving a message for a referral she's had for a long time and hasn't been able to get in contact with. Mid sentence in the voicemail she had a 'stupor of thought,' stammered, tried to delete the message unsuccessfully and finally hung up. She called again to leave another message, and the lady answered! She found the stammering endearing and set up an appointment for the next day. I called another referral who finally answered and requested that we come see her in the perfect available time we had for the next day. Both lessons went well. One of them, Molly Green is a 17 yr old senior. Super sharp. She referred herself because her band director is LDS. She told us she wants to read the BoM and find the truthfulness of it for herself. So perfect! This girl is a rock star! The other lady is a massage therapist, super cool and into connection and what not, also reading the BoM.

Another miracle. Sister Wells and I were walking around a neighborhood visiting less actives. Sister Wells got super loud and was pretty much acting drunk. She is a diabetic, and I asked how her blood sugar levels were. She was super low. It just so happened we were closeby to a young family who we met randomly and helped give service to move them into their house. We weren't sure how to get into their house again, but we learned during the service that the wife is also diabetic and always has juice on hand. We were able to stop in so they could give her juice and get her feeling better.

We had a chance to do service, digging and spreading mulch and clearing out trees and what not for a member in the ward. Nothing to buoy my spirits like playing in dirt. So great and therapeutic for me.

Fast and Testimony meeting was awesome. God answers my prayers through others' testimonies.

Love y'all!

Steadfast in CHRIST,

Sister Sheffer

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