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March 24 2014

Hey y'all!

This week was pretty awesome. We got to meet with some amazing ward members. Some families are just too stinking funny. It's so important to remember to have a sense of humor. A little humor can go a long way, especially when things get tough and depressing, it's a uniting thing to get to laugh with people.

Tuesday we started volunteering for a senior center. When we got there, an elderly man was singing karaoke--50s and 60s songs--the good ones. Sister Wells and I sat in the back with some residents and tried to bump the energy a little. There was this precious woman up dancing by herself, continually attempting, with no success, to get other residents to dance with her. She asked us, and we couldn't refuse her. It was the end of the song, so I danced a little with her and sat back down. The resident ERUPTED, and urged me to go back to the front to dance some more. The karaoke man said, "What a treat! We've got ourselves a professional dancer here! I've got the perfect song!" In my head: "EEK! Dignity in my calling?" Then I thought about Ephraim's Rescue that we watched on Christmas--one of the last scenes is a young man miraculously dancing a jig on his injured feet to cheer up the saints as they are struggling with starvation and so much death. Of course, this situation was different, but I felt ok about it, and danced some jive to Mr. Presley's Hound Dog song. It felt SO good to dance! The residents absolutely ate it up. "I haven't seen dancing like that for 40 years!" We'll be volunteering there weekly on Tuesdays. Love it. Love it. Love it. They are so precious! After the karaoke party, we helped make these wild brazilian centerpieces. It was fun. We just never know what's going to happen when we wake up in the morning.

Later that day we tried to contact a less active member who was busy, and we had time to knock one door. I tend to get hints from the cars--VWs, Corvettes and Camaros have always proven to be good signs. So I found a VW and we knocked the door. SThe woman we met very much needed us. The church is true. We got to teach her and comfort her with some things going on. She knew that we were sent from God.

We did the missionary lesson we were trained to with a family I've wanted to work with since I came into the ward. It was such a sweet experience. Every family member was so loving as they wrote names of those they cared about who they would like to see have the gospel. The father prayed over who they felt was ready and we waited in quiet for a few minutes. I shared a distinct impression I had: there were two people who they could call that very night. Indeed they contacted two people while they were there who needed the gospel. The kids are now working with friends at school, and we continually follow up and encourage. This family is amazing! I love seeing their faith in increase as they exercise it.

We taught the British lady. Precious! We're going to get her to the General Young Women's Broadcast, as well as another investigator lady who wants badly to do her family history. So perfect a returning less active member just got called to be the family history specialist! He is so good and so excited to work with her.

The temple was amazing! So much revelation! Sister Hanks pounced on me in the last room and used the minute before my comp came in to tell me how much she loved and appreciated me for what I was doing, and pleaded, "You're so strong, and you just get it! Don't go home!!!" I won't ever do that until the Lord sends me home. It meant a lot to know that she was mindful of my situation and that she loves me. I have the most incredible leaders!

We met with the man who has been led away by anti. We answered some of his questions (which were pretty inconsequential) and testified to him. I feel that he is progressing, he stays in contact with us, and still wants to meet more as he "figures things out." He is so confused! He did commit to readingt he Book of Mormon from the beginning, so we follow up on that.

Mallie took us to breakfast on Saturday for my birthday. It was so sweet! Emma is the sweetest girl, she is SO special! I just love her! We arranging a lunch with her and her mother next preparation day. I can't wait to meet her, they would be great in the church! The present was so sweet!! I love my journals, they are SO perfect and gorgeous! The one from India is pretty awesome. I was also super excited for good pens, and for MANGOS!!! They make me happy.

My birthday itself, we didn't do anything. My comp 'forgot,' and I wasn't going to sell myself out on it, so no one knew. In a childish, immature moment, I thought "I only get one of these on my mission, and we could get a plethora of appointments with this, could I get some attention!" Of course, it really wasn't my day. It was the Lord's day. and it was a special day. The Stake President announced that the Monte Sano ward could get THEIR OWN BUILDING!!! (such a blessing!) if they can increase their growth, attendance, and tithing. This has the ward so excited! He spoke of the importance of missionary work, and called all 4 of us serving in the ward to come introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies. It was a neat experience. The ward is willing to do anything to get their own building, so we are increasing member involvement even more.

We had a great team-up in the afternoon and taught a family the restoration. The parents were pretty nervous to pray, but it is important and we are gently persistent with that, and the 11 yr old ended up giving a beautiful closing prayer asking God to make him a better boy for his parents. The mom is coming to the broadcast with us on Saturday. She rocks! I'm so excited to work more with her.

We did the missionary lesson with another family yesterday and i twas pretty special. I was a little worried that some of the members weren't taking it seriously, and that would effect the revelation they would receive as the head of the household prayed over their friends they felt were ready. During the prayer, the spirit hit and I got tingly all over the left side of me and knew that the next name spoken was the prepared one, it wasn't name, it was "the other families," and I knew that there was a family not on their list that is prepared. I get tingly talking about it now! After a few moments of quiet, I shared the impression I had with them. After another quiet minute, the mom said, "Do you know who I forgot to include on my list?"...she gave the name of a family, and all the kids lit up and started talking about them excitedly. I got tingly all over my body as soon as she said the name! The spirit was so strong! We are arranging dinner with them and the member family. So excited!

Well....the gospel is true.

Favorite scripture hero? Moroni has been a favorite recently because he seems so human with his insecurities, but he does the Lord's will anyway, and uses lessons from other heroes. I just started the BoM over again, and Nephi impresses me at both his logic, and his ability to immediately forgive. Idk, there are many.

Love y'all!!!
Have an awesome week!

Sister Liz Sheffer

Note: Below are pictures from Elizabeth’s birthday breakfast. Mally Hatch (not a member of the church but loves serving the missionaries) took her out to eat at the Cracker Barrel.  The curly haired girl is Emma who joined them and whose family Elizabeth and her comp will get to meet on their next p-day.

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